Adults Program

A discipline, sport, art and way of life, the Martial Arts offers the adult student many unique benefits. You may be a professional looking for that added mental edge in business, or someone who just wants to feel stronger and be more energetic.

Studies have shown for years that adults who exercise have lower blood pressure, increased muscular strength, better flexibility and less body fat than those adults who do not exercise. They can also cope with high levels of stress and have a more confident self-image.

Teens Program

Our Teenage Program focuses on the skills needed to best prepare and excel in their college experience. With the increasing number of college applications submitted each year, colleges are looking more to the extracurricular activities and achievements for basis of acceptance of academically similar applications.

With a martial arts training program, students not only further develop the physical and mental skills useful in a college environment, but they also learn and develop one of the most effective self defense systems around today.


One of the most exciting experiences of your Martial Arts training is rank testing for your next colored belt. This is an earned opportunity that is scheduled and based on your continuous growth and development in the Martial Arts.

Although colored belt ranks may appear to be the same within the various disciplines and styles of Martial Arts, United Studios of Self Defense has structured a system of required material outline for each belt rank. This structure will ensure you are continuously expanding your skills and gaining the necessary physical and mental principles towards your next belt rank.


is the color of innocence. The White Belt symbolizes one whose mind and spirit are “blank”; one who knows little or nothing about the Martial Arts. It is the color of the beginner.


is the color of the sun as well as the color of light and new riches. The Yellow Belt indicates that the light of a new day has begun to shine. It is the color of learning.


is also the color of the sun, but at its zenith. The Orange Belt indicates the first flash of day has matured; on whose skill and understanding are reaching new heights.


is the color of courage. The Purple Belt symbolizes that a student has started to unite mind, body and spirit


is the color of the sky and ocean. The Blue Belt symbolizes that a student’s aspirations have begun to expand to new horizons.


is the color of growth, grass and forests. The Green Belts symbolizes that the student has begun to absorb the light and started to blossom and bear fruit.


is the color of earth and solidity. The Brown Belt indicates ones techniques have become competent, the mind is fertile and the spirit is formed.


is the fusion of all colors. The Black Belt indicates one has gained all the traits of characterized skill necessary to surpass obstacles encountered on the “first day of the way.” Black is the color of night. It shows that the first “day” is over and that a new day is coming. The student’s journey has not ended, but merely begun.

Start Now and Meet Your Goals

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced martial artist, United Studios of Self Defense has a program to fit your needs. Men, women and children of all ages and professions participate in our Private and Group Training Programs.


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We offer classes in Kid’s Karate, Kempo Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung Fu, Self Defense, Anti-Bullying Techniques and Kickboxing. Our Martial Arts School is located in the heart of Murrieta, California. We welcome all communities in the Murrieta Area serving families in Murrieta, Temecula, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Lakeland Village, Lake Elsinore, Winchester, Menifee, La Cresta, Lake Village, Los Ranchitos, Valle De Caballos, Dutch Village, South Park, Fallbrook and other surrounding communities.