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Rules & Principles

The Five Principles

  1. Effort  – Putting forth an exertion of strength or power, physically, or mentally.
  2. Etiquette  – The conventional code of good manners which governs behavior in society; professional and business decorum.
  3. Sincerity  – Honesty of mind or intention; truthfulness.  Always tell the truth.  Say and do exactly what you mean.
  4. Self-Control  – Control over ones own impulses, emotions, and weaknesses.  Always do what you have to do.  Finish what you begin.
  5. Character  – The total sum of qualities making up an individual; moral excellence, the person that you really are.

beginpackNew Student Checklist

1.  Schedule Your Private Lessons With Your Instructor
2.  Review Your Student Manual
Pay particular anttention to the sections on Dojo Rules and Etiquette, The Five Principles, and The Five Animals of Shaolin Kempo. The first page in the manual needs to be filled out to process your Lifetime Membership. Complete this page and submit it to your Instructor.
3.  Familiarize Yourself With Your Gi
Sew your patch to your Gi jacket. It should go on the left hand side vertically, not parallel to the lapel.
4.  Familiarize Yourself With Your Belt
Practice tying your belt. Remember to put your Gi on first and only put on your belt in the Dojo while kneeling. If you have trouble, make sure to ask an instructor or a senior student for assistance. Also, always fold your belt neatly and do not let it touch the ground. Never wash your belt.
5.  Watch Your Yellow Belt Video
Do not attempt to learn all of the material on the video; simply familiarize yourself with the content.
6.  Fill Out And Return Your “Who Do You Know?” Sheet
As an active member of United Studios of Self Defense you can sponsor your friends and family for some complimentary self defense training. It is our way of saying “Thank You.”

What to expect from your first class.

Beginners: Your group lessons are one hour long. The first 15 minutes is stretching. Here we teach the beginners the best, most beneficial stretches to improve your flexibility. Better flexibility is not only helpful in karate, but also beneficial to life. The older we get, the less flexible we become, and perhaps more prone to injury.
The next 15 minutes is spent doing various calisthenics, such as sit-ups, pushups, etc. How many you can do when begin karate is not important. Our goal is to bring that number up with each passing week. We will help you to set personal goals, and to achieve them. As with flexibility, the older we get, the weaker we become. It’s easy to improve strength and toning. It just takes a little motivation. Group class makes it enjoyable.
Developing better balance is also a focal point in group classes. This is done through various drills that guarantee results!
After just one month of training at USSD, students are generally amazed at how far they’ve come!

The Uniform

Uniform Jacket

1. Hold out the left side, and put the right side underneath.
2. Tie the cords under the left side together.
3. Place the left side over the right side.
4. Tie the cords on the right side together.

Uniform Belt

Your belt is ONLY to be worn at the Dojo.
As a display of respect, kneel down when putting on or removing your belt.
DO NOT wash your belt.

1. Place the “tag end” of the belt on your left thigh toward your knee.
2. Leaving the tag end in place, wrap the belt clockwise around your body twice.
3. Hold the “tag end” and pull the loose end tight to your body.
4. Run the loose end under all the belt layers, directly below the navel.
5. Pull both ends tight, and adjust as needed for equal lengths on both ends.
6. Wrap the right end underneath and around the left side and pull tight.


Remove Street Shoes Before Entering The Dojo.
Bow When You Enter And Leave The Dojo.
No Food, Gum, or Drink Is Allowed In The Dojo.
No Jewelry Should Be Worn During Class Or While Practicing.
Full Uniforms Are Required For All Practices and Testing Procedures.
Please Make Sure That Uniforms Are Clean And Neat At All Times.
Black Uniforms May Be Worn At The Rank Of Purple Belt.
Black And White Uniforms May Not Be Mixed Together By Students.
Kneel While Putting On Or Removing Your Belt Inside The Dojo.
Kneel While A Black Belt Is Putting On Or Removing Their Belt.
If A Class Is Kneeling And Meditating, You Should Also Kneel And Meditate.
Available Time Inside The Dojo Should Be Spent On Your Own Material.
Do Not Watch Or Disturb Someone Else’s Lesson.
Do Not Teach Other Students Your Material Unless Asked To Do So By An Instructor.
Absolutely No Sparring Without The Supervision Of A Black Belt Instructor.
Do Not Walk Through A Class In Progress – Walk Around And/Or Behind It.
Full Safety Gear Is Required For All Students While Sparring.
Groin Protectors Are Required And Mandatory For All Male Students.
Always Bow To Your Partner Before And After You Work Out With Them.
Always Refer To Your Instructor As “Sir,” or “Ma’am.”
Never Suggest Or Inquire About Your Next Rank Test.


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