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Children’s Programs

USSD Martial Arts ChldrenBenefits for Children

Believing in yourself starts early! At United Studios of Self Defense, we work hard to make your child’s first experience with the Martial Arts a safe and productive one. Young people must have personal goals and a caring support system to make their dreams a reality.

We will help your child become a strong and productive member of society armed with character, strong self-discipline, and a healthy self-image. 

Your Role as a Parent

Here are some important tips that will help your child get the most out of our Martial Arts Education Program:

Make sure you child does attend class regularly. Children adjust to consistency. If taking a class becomes an option and not a priority, they will not adjust well. If a child is going to miss a class for any reason, call our studio so your child’s instructor can establish alternative arrangements. Monitor your child’s progress. Your child should, by regular attendance of classes and diligent practice, progress at a steady pace. Please inform your child’s instructor if they begin to be challenged by any of their material.

We see our studio as a part of the team that is working to help your child to become the best they can possibly be. If your child is having any difficulties in any area of their Martial Arts, school or home lives, please let us know. United Studios is always committed to help in any way we can.

Keep track of when the next Promotion is scheduled to take place. This way, you can help prepare your child to meet the necessary requirements for advancement. United Studios’ Instructors are dedicated to assisting students who require extra help sessions.

Support your child in their Martial Arts Training. They will develop faster when they feel you are supporting them. Your child wants to do well and your support will show them that you are proud of their efforts.

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